Rob Fowler Speaks

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Rob Fowler let's his feelings known about the trial

These comments were posts on an internet web site by Rob Fowler, the brother of Raymond Fowler, one of the 4 young men charged in connection with the murder of Gregg Smart.  Rob Fowler was well acquainted with those who were involved in his killing, including Billy Flynn and Cecilia Pierce; he also knows their families.  He spent the day after the murder with "the boys" and has much to say about their character, behavior and guilt.  On the other hand, he has never met Pamela Smart and thus, has no personal agenda in defending her.


Why do i seem to defend Pam ?

I have a real big problem with the legal system in NH
particularly with the judicial branch.

It serves its own purpose not the purpose of its

It's an old fasioned system and hasn't changed much
since the turn of the century.

Society at it's best relys on a solid judicial system to manage its laws (I mean manage, meaning play by it's own rules).

The Pam Smart trial was not handled with a sense of
purpose other than victory for the prosecution AKA.
the state.

"FAIR trial" we as US citizen's are under-law
entitled to a fair trial, no one, not even a state
statute can take away that right.

Just Punishment ????

Q. Would you put a 5th grader away for life for
stealing bubble gum ?
A. NO we wouldnt, it wouldnt fit the crime but it is
still technically stealing, stealing is stealing.

Q. Would we hang a person for stealing a horse ?
A. in NH its still on the books.

Pam's attorney's had a next to impossible task to save
Pam from the state primarily because the judge was on
the state's side. By law the judge is an impartial
magistrate benched only to ensure the law is followed
and the procedings do not violate a accused persons
right to fair trial.

So no, Pam did not get a fair trial,

Pam also admitted some resposibility for the death of
her husband by stating she feels that the affair led
to her husbands death, to me that is a BIG BIG deal as
far as remorse.




Additional Statements by Rob Fowler


Money for the boys part in this was "BILL'S" Idea it was not Pam's Doing.

The plea Bargain Depositions I refer to (in their own words) state that it was BIll that mentioned to the boys about money, he said he would ask Pam etc.

Bill was the pivot point in all of this, Bill got the other boys involved including Raymond.
Bill killed greg.
Pam did not.
If it were my relative or brother that was killed, i would be completely livid at the person that did it.
The idea that someone may have wanted it done, to me is secondary. The person that did it is responsible for their own actions, not the other way around.
Bill was old enough the steal car radio's , do drugs , know what sex was <AHEM> he was not a nieve little boy as the press and Movies portray, so he made the ultimate choice and F'd up.
Pam did not.
If you want to know how this all came together, listen to the plea bargain depositions. (obviously i have them)
The State of NH told a College here in NH that they weren't availble.
Not because it was policy but they said they don't have them anymore. We have copies.