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Pame is currently enrolled in the St. John's Episcopal Services of New York CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) program. Clinical Pastoral Education is professional theological education for ministry designed for clergy, seminary students, and qualified lay-persons. In CPE, theological students, ordained clergy, members of religious orders, and qualified lay-people minister to people in crisis situations while being supervised. Out of intense involvement with supervisors, other students, people in crisis, and other professionals, CPE students are challenged to improve the quality of their pastoral relationships. Through pastoral practice, written case studies and verbatims, individual supervision, seminar particiaption, and relevant reading, students are encouraged to develop genuine caring pastoral relationships. Through viewing complicated life situations from different viewpoints, students are able to gain new insights and understandings about the human situation.
Her thoughts were posted at the National CPE Conference in April of 2007 as follows:
"CPE has taught me that the most important thing I can do when someone is in crisis is to walk through it with them. I used to think I had to try and "fix" everyone's problems, but now I know I can be more helpful by just being there for support. CPE has helped me learn how to be an effective listener so people can tell their stories uninterrupted.
In particular, I am interested in working as a chaplain with women who are mentally ill. The struggles of prison life are often amplified in their lives and everyday stresses are often more difficult for them to bear. Their voices are sometimes silenced and they end up ignored. I find myself more sensitive to their needs, so I would like to continue my CPE work in that specialty.
CPE reinforced my patience with others. I have learned that every person tells and interprets her story in a different way. Now when I work with others, I try to create a sacred space where their stores are truly heard.
In my personal life, CPE has enriched me in so many ways. I am more patient, kind and caring now that I work with others all the time. They constantly teach me through their own experiences, and I am never without new knowledge. CPE has helped me achieve a peace, which grounds me spiritually, mentally and physically."
Pamela Life w/o Parole (One Extended Unit)
A Poem written by Pame 

When the Soul Cries

Walls of hate surround the prisoner

when they lock her up inside

They take away her dignity

She struggles for her pride.


Angel eyes peer out

from behind the concrete walls

Where sounds of silence echo

and a lonely teardrop falls.


A victim of innocence

locked in a house of pain

She tries to stand tall

but they knock her down again.


A little girl is lost

in the woman that they mock

She wears their scarlet letter

so the hypocrites can gawk.


Her eyes disguise the sorrow

when facing hearts of stone

But back behind the walls

the prisoner weeps alone.


A silent scream cries out

from deep inside her soul

Anger stings her wounds

Injustice takes its toll.


But behind the locks and fences

where the wounded prisoner cries

Her dream lives on today;

Somehow hope still survives.


-Pame Smart   8/24/91