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Union Leader - Smart Spokeswoman: Flynn needs to tell the whole truth about killing

Published on

January 25, 2008

New Hampshire Union Leader Staff

A spokeswoman for Pamela Smart wants the man convicted of killing Smart's husband 18 years ago to tell the truth about his wife's role in the murder when he seeks today to have the rest of his prison sentence suspended.

William Flynn, 33, is serving 28 years to life in prison for shooting Gregory Smart, 24, in the head in 1990.

Pamela Smart, 40, is serving a life sentence for masterminding the murder.

Smart was having an affair with Flynn, then a 16-year-old high school sophomore, and was convicted of enlisting him and three other students in the plot to kill her husband. Flynn and his fellow accomplices accepted lesser sentences in a plea bargain that included testifying against Pamela Smart.

"Bill Flynn has more to answer for than the sin and crime of killing Greg Smart. He also took Pam's Smart's life," Eleanor Pam said in a statement yesterday. Pam is a retired City University of New York professor who served as Smart's academic mentor at the New York prison where Smart is serving her life sentence.

Flynn wants the remainder of his sentence suspended. Rockingham County Superior Court Judge Kenneth R. McHugh is set to hear the matter today.

"If Flynn has truly transformed himself into a man of character and a fully rehabilitated adult, as he says he has -- and as we hope he has -- then he should finally set the record straight and tell the complete truth about Pamela Smart's innocence and how she was used as a pawn to get a reduced sentence for himself and his cohorts," Pam added.

Pamela Smart and her family take no position on Flynn's request, Pam said. But they maintain Flynn did not tell the truth when he testified that Pamela Smart instigated her husband's murder.

"He murdered Greg with a gun and Pamela with perjured testimony. Both weapons were effective, both were lethal," Pam said.